FitMovez was founded in January 2017 in Tampa, Florida when we realized we weren’t taking care of ourselves. We were eating unhealthy, not being active, not getting enough sleep or staying hydrated. We felt run down, tired all the time and our clothes were getting tighter.  We decided to change our lifestyle one little step at a time by drinking water, eating healthy, getting out and walking and getting the right amount of sleep while also learning relaxation techniques.

After seeing the positive changes we were making in our lifestyle, the improvement to our health and how we felt. We realized we weren’t the only ones who could benefit from what we have learned and what we are doing.  We decided we needed to share what we have learned and show others how simple lifestyle changes can change their lives. We offer a variety of simple lifestyle changes to help improve and maintain your optimal health. Whether you simply want to improve your physical wellness, eat healthier or become more active, FitMovez provides the resources and platform to do so in a healing and friendly environment.

5 steps to a Healthier You

What we do

Simple Lifestyle Changes for a Better You

We help you lose weight and keep it off.

We believe there are 5 essential steps to creating a healthier lifestyle that does not revolve around dieting but around making simple lifestyle changes in  5 key areas of your life. This is not a gimmick diet or a quick weight loss program. This is a way to re-balance your life by teaching you ways to create and maintain a better and healthier lifestyle.

All we need is You! We then work with you to help build healthy habits around 5 key areas that include: hydration, daily activity, portion controlled nutrition, a good night of sleep and work /lifestyle balance techniques to help create a healthier you. We help you build daily habits as we coach you through the little changes you will be making in your life.  We also challenge you to take your health in your own hands and see the results we can forge together.

In the end the habits that we help you build over the next 12 months will transform your life and help you to eventually feel healthier, stronger, more energetic and ultimately you will start losing those inches. Take a look around and let us show you how to be a healthier you. Remember at FitMovez Your Health Matters.