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“Eating Healthy is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.”

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I started Fitmovez in January 2017, I am a systems engineer by trade and I wanted to feel better and healthier. Since my specialty is technology, I looked at using technology to help me track and improve my health. I enrolled in a nutrition course and some fitness classes to allow me to learn the best way to lose weight and keep it off while improving my overall health. In the end, I had to completely change my lifestyle by changing my habits so that I could look and feel better. I have shed over 25 lbs and kept it off in the last two years and I am continually working to improve how my body feels. I created this website to educate and help people who are struggling to improve their overall health. I am a health and precision nutrition level 1 coach. I use a 5 step process which includes Hydration, Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, and Balance to help you lose weight by changing your daily habits. In my opinion, it takes changes in these aspects of your life to help improve your wellness over time.

I am continuously learning and I don't have all the answers as we know everybody journey to improve their lifestyle is entirely different, As a health coach my pride and joy is to help guide and motivate you on efficient lifestyle changes to becoming a healthier you. Whether you simply want to improve your physical wellness, eat healthier or become more active, we can provide the resources and platform to do so in a healing and friendly environment

Imagine, in only 3 months, you will create a healthy lifestyle that honours your own health and well being.

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Food is everything. Food is family. Food is memories. Food is medicine. Food brings us together. Food keeps us together.

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