People often think of several ways on how to achieve wellness. And sometimes, in the desperate need to find it, they usually fall prey to shortcuts. Shortcuts like using commercial products that offer quick solutions and makes too-good-to-be-true promises.

However, medicines are not the solutions to achieve wellness. In fact, the road to health and wellness is not as tough as what people think. All they need to do is to give some serious thought about it and plan for steps to achieve it.

Having an in-depth understanding of what wellness is all about will help us realize that making it depends on our lifestyle, state of mind, and the choices that we make.

NOW, to make your life easy, here are the five steps towards wellness:

Thirty minutes of exercise for at least three times a week

Exercising for at least three times a week can contribute a lot to your goal of achieving wellness. Start with a simple walk or a thirty minutes jog to a cross-fit workout. Remember that our body was designed to move, hence do not let stagnation to overtake.

Supplements are “Supplements.” Don’t forget that.

Think supplements as mere “supplements.” They are not manufactured to cure diseases. Supplements are designed to replete or replenish what is lacking from nutrition. Remember that you cannot “supplement away” a bad diet. If you think that the food that you are eating lack supplements, then you can find some dietary supplements to sustain what your body needs.

No carbohydrates especially alcohol later than 7:00 p.m.

Too many carbohydrates and alcohol intake at night can cause the unnecessary rise in blood sugar and insulin which often inhibits our ability to utilize fat as fuel. Eating food with fewer carbohydrates will help you sleep better at night.

Breakfast is Important

Eating breakfast gets the body jump started. Make sure to have some protein with your meal. If you are not hungry in the morning, the probable reason is eating too late in the previous evening.


It’s time to detoxify our body and clean out all the crap we pour into our bodies. Detoxification means saying goodbye to all processed, packaged, and toxic food. Refrain from eating sugar, salt, dairy, alcohol, and sodas. A body that is free from all the sludge can perform at its optimum.

Mind your actions today. What you do today will affect your future. The steps mentioned above did not develop suddenly. Those efforts evolved over years of violating the previous four concepts. To achieve health and wellness, people has to realize their incredible value. We are a unique individual with a special purpose that only we can fulfill.

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